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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone without iTunes?

author 2014-02-18 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

In this article wee provide useful tips to show how KiwiG PhonTunes can help you easily transfer music between multiple iOS devices without launching iTunes. View, select, and transfer or import your music from iPod to iPhone in three simple steps.

A 2012 CNBC economic survey showed that half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product (Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.). Out of those households, the average number of Apple devices owned was a whopping THREE. What are some easy ways to keep your music playlists organized and up-to-date between multiple Apple devices?

Transferring music from one device to another can be a huge headache and hassle. The ordinary steps for a music migration job is to rely on iTunes: Copy your music from an iPod to iTunes (the iPod better be recognized by your iTunes account, otherwise you'll have to register the device and overwrite all existing data), select the newly added music (better hope you don't have a lot of disparate tracks to individually drag and drop over…), then export the target music files from iTunes to the iPhone (which also needs to be recognized, of course). The iTunes interface for music management isn't a cakewalk, many users agree. Combine all that with the various barriers and restrictions on music transfer through iTunes in general, and you've got an afternoon of "fun" ahead of you.

Making the music transfer between iOS devices easy

For whatever reason, you need to get your music from Device A to Device B, and you'd like to do it quickly, easily, and additionally maintain your sanity. Below we will illustrate how to import music from iPod to iPhone without iTunes by using KiwiG PhonTunes.

Step 1Connect your iPhone and iPod to the computer at the same time. Launch the KiwiG PhonTunes. It will display all found devices as well as music data in the left side column.

KiwiG PhonTunes, perfectly transfers music from iPod to iPhone. KiwiG PhonTunes, perfectly transfers music from iPod to iPhone.

Step 2Select the music files stored in the iPod you want to migrate. It will display the target ones you already chose and the destination you decide to transfer to. Then click Start.

KiwiG PhonTunes, perfectly transfers music from iPod to iPhone.

Step 3Now your transfer is done! Click OK to view the migrated music files in your iPod.

KiwiG PhonTunes, perfectly transfers music from iPod to iPhone.

KiwiGeeker hopes this software will help solve any music lover's music transfer and management problems and let you enjoy your music everywhere and anytime without obstacles.

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