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How to Transfer Free Music Downloads without iTunes?

author 2014-05-13 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

We are enjoying the benefit that iTunes brings to us, but also suffering from its inconvenient and closed way of managing and transferring music.

Currently iTunes store serves as an ever-expanding online music library, and probably the world’s largest one where we can always get the latest music of the artists we like. However, if you are a collector like me, this will really make you cost a lot.

Luckily there are many music library out there offering totally free music resource for us to download. No one will say "NO" to such free MP3 downloader! However, if you own an iPhone or iPad, just a free MP3 downloader is not enough.

Why transfer the free music without iTunes?

You may say you can sync the songs into your iPhone, iPod or iPad. That’s true, however, it could be really frustrating when you notice some music that should be right in your iPhone are just gone with the sync.

What’s more, as we all know, iTunes store have digital rights management software that restricts the devices you can use to play the music. If you are not a big fan of doing backups, the tracks are gone if the drive you're storing them on dies (and it will die — it's just a matter of when).

How to transfer free music downloads without iTunes?

I use PhonTunes to manage and transfer my music coming from the free MP3 downloader.It will detect all the songs in your iTunes library. By locating a path, it can detect all the local music on your computer, even they are not synced into your iTunes library. You are allowed to transfer the songs between your computer, iOS device and even an Android phone. You can click below to learn more:

At last but not least, THIS SOFTWARE IS TOTALLY FREE!

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It is really great that PhonTunes supports to transfer music between an iOS and Android device. Because of the restriction made by Apple (again), it is not an easy task to search for free MP3 downloader app in iTunes store, but things are different in Google Play. Music Maniac, GTunes Music, MP3 Music Download Pro etc, I can name hundreds of free MP3 downloaders on Android in just 1 minutes.

If luckily you have an Android phone, PhonTunes offers you a straightforward user interface to perform a transfer between your computer, Android and iOS device. It will intelligently identify the duplicates while connecting your device to the computer.

I guess many people, like me, consider to sync the music into iTunes and then to our iOS device is really an annoying and time-consuming work. With the help or PhonTunes, a 2-minutes easy job will achieve the goal by transferring the local music into your iPhone or iPad without iTunes involved.

I, therefore, consider this software as a great tool that can break the restriction of iTunes and help me have the free music on my iPhone in a very easy way.

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