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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod without iTunes?

author 2014-03-28 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

"Oh, iTunes won't sync my iPod. My PC is authorized, but it still is failing to copy music from the computer to the iPod."

Let’s face it: just because you’re using an iPod doesn’t mean you are a fan of iTunes. iTunes is the default music software for all Apple products, including iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, and iPad) and Mac computers. At times, however, iTunes can be a difficult software to work with, one ridden with barriers to freely managing and transferring your music. Many iPod users are asking if there are other options for managing a music library, creating playlists, and transferring music. Is there another software application that would allow you to avoid iTunes and directly transfer music from a computer to an iPod?

The most common way for tech-savvy iPod users to transfer music from a computer to the iPod without iTunes is to maneuver through the computer manually. It is a complicated process with many steps and requires you to have a fairly good understanding of how your PC works. If you are like many music lovers, you may not have the specialized knowledge to get the job done this way (but there are tutorials online for different iPod versions, if you wanted to give it a shot). For the purpose of this article, and given the difference in steps for each iPod version, we won’t detail it here! But we will show you how to transfer music from a computer to an iPod without iTunes, completely free, in minutes, using a third party software application.

KiwiG PhonTunes is the world’s only completely free music transfer and management solution. With PhonTunes you not only are able to manage your music files on your computer (in iTunes or other local directories), but also between mobile devices (including iPhones, Android phones, iPods, iPads, and even external hard drives). In three steps, you can quickly transfer your music to or from any destination, without ever opening iTunes. Say hello to music transfer freedom!

How to transfer music from computer to iPod without iTunes:

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes on your computer, and connect your iPod to the PC with the USB connector that came with the iPod. Upon opening, PhonTunes will show you all your connected devices on the left-hand panel, your music and music details in the center, and transfer options at the top.

Step 2.Select the music you want to transfer to your iPod in the center panel. If you want, you can also click "Detect Duplicates" to see if there are any tracks that are duplicated in your intended transfer.

Step 3.At the top, click "Transfer to Device", and select your iPod in the dropdown menu if it isn’t already automatically selected. To complete the transfer, click "Start." It’s as easy as that!

 Sync music from computer to iPod without iTunes.

KiwiGeeker aims to allow every music lover to manage and migrate their music like an IT pro, instantly. We hope this article has helped enable you to freely keep your music synced and ready on your iPod!

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