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How to Transfer Music from Android to Computer?

author 2014-05-08 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Android OS, developed by Google, has quickly won the hearts of smartphone users across the globe. Surpassing iPhone as the most-used smartphone operating system worldwide, Android sports some of the coolest mobile apps available—many by independent developers aiming to get footing in the market—and allows users a lot of freedom over the specifics of their OS settings and functions.

Music listening (be it stored in the phone or streamed) is an integral function of Android smartphones. Downloading music from the internet and storing tunes to the device has never been easier or faster—it’s no wonder many Android users find themselves running out of storage space! So what if you want to free up some of that space? What if you want to copy your newly downloaded songs onto your PC?

The first way is a manual method: When an Android phone is connected to the computer, it shows up like an external storage device. Navigating to the music folder for each music app you use in the Android phone directory (location differs based on phone and version of Android OS), you can copy/paste your songs onto the PC!

There are a few downsides to the manual transfer method, though. It can be pretty harrowing to get to your music folders in the first place, and may take a bit of digging around if you haven’t done it before or aren’t as familiar with computers. It’s especially difficult if you use a variety of music apps on the phone, as each app will have its own folder of songs. So, you might find yourself having to juggle quite a lot of folders, which can be time consuming. Without finding a way to consolidate your disparate music files, it’s likely you’ll miss some songs.

Now, though, I’ll introduce another way to move your music with just a couple of clicks. KiwiG PhonTunes is a third-party independently developed software solution for music transfer between PCs, iOS devices, Android devices and external storage drives. It’s super easy to use, as you’ll see in the tutorial, below:

How to transfer music from Android to computer:

Step 1.Plug in your Android to the computer and open up KiwiG PhonTunes. Click on the Android tab on the far left to see all the music files on your phone.

Step 2.Select any and all songs you’d like to move to your computer. Don’t be shy! There’s no limit to the number of songs you can transfer. When you’re ready, click on Local Music on the far right to open up your computer directory.

Transfer Music from Android to PC

Step 3.A window will pop up to let you confirm the number of songs you want to transfer. Click Start to complete the transfer!

Transferred Music from Android to PC

Note: You can enjoy your music right from KiwiG PhonTunes, but when you need to access the file itself on your local hard drive, songs transferred to your computer by PhonTunes can be found at C:\Users\[Your Name] \Documents\kiwiMusic.

We hope this has been a helpful tutorial, and are able to enjoy music across all your devices freely and without barrier.

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