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How to Transfer Music from Android to iTunes?

author 2014-05-06 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

You’re a rare breed. Even while loving your Android smartphone, you are also an iTunes user, enjoying the benefits of iTunes store, Genius playlist creator, and all its classic music player features. Now what if you’d like to move music from your Android phone or device to iTunes quickly and easily?

iTunes is the default music player and manager for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), but still can be used with Android. Unlike iOS devices, Android devices aren’t automatically recognized by iTunes when connected to the computer. They behave like USB flash drives or external hard drives in this way—you can look through your Android files, drag and drop them to the computer and then add them to iTunes, but you can’t sync the device, share playlists created on the phone/tablet, or transfer in a click. Additional problems can arise as well: wasted space on the computer from duplicate music files, files can get lost, and it’s also a crap shoot as to whether the song details will be displayed correctly once moved over.

Luckily, more and more third-party music transfer software is available online that can help you neatly move your music. The only free solution is KiwiG PhonTunes—a music transfer and management tool put out by KiwiGeeker data software pros. This tool lets you move music wherever you’d like, be it an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phone, a computer, or even external storage devices. In just a few clicks, you can move your Android music into iTunes without wasted disk space or the hassle. Below you can learn how to get the job done with PhonTunes.

The following user guide steps below will show you how to transfer music from Android devices to iTunes:

Step 1.Open KiwiG PhonTunes and connect your Android to the computer. Click on the Android tab on the far left that will appear when PhonTunes sees the phone to see your music library.

Step 2.Select all the songs that you want to move to iTunes. You can also select or create playlists. When you’re ready, make sure the right-hand music list that’s open is iTunes.

Transfer Music from Android to iTunes

Step 3.Click the To PC button, found between the iTunes and Android music displays.

Step 4.A window will appear asking if you want to transfer. Click Start, and you’re all done!

Transfer Music from Android to iTunes

We hope you can enjoy care-free music transfer from here on out with KiwiG PhonTunes, and keep all your playlists up-to-date and ready as you please.

If you need to add the music you transferrd back to Andriod Phone, Please see how to transfer iTunes music back to Android and how to transfer iTunes playlist back to Android.

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