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How to Transfer Non Purchased Songs from iPod to iTunes?

author 2014-01-06 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

This article is about how to transfer non-iTunes purchased songs from an iPod to iTunes. The outstanding KiwiG PhonTunes utility enables users to transfer music between iOS/Android based devices and other storage media.

More and more music is independently made and produced using inexpensive music making apps and software. Often this music is not available for purchase on iTunes, or is freely shared by the musician themselves to build a fan-base and gain support. So what if some hard-to-find tracks are on an iPod and you want to get those lovely tunes in your ears as soon as possible?

Just using iTunes can make this very challenging. Because iTunes and Apple products are equipped with music copying barriers to reduce the risk of music copyright infringement, it's no easy task migrating music from an iPod to iTunes. Now, however, some third-party software solutions are available to make this process easy and pain-free.

Music transfer software can resolve these issues and enable music lovers to enjoy their favorite music and songs anywhere (purchased or freely downloaded). And KiwiG PhonTunes is a great music transfer tool. With PhonTunes, the process of transferring non-iTunes songs from an iPod to iTunes/computer is easy and simple.

The professional music transfer software allows users to handle various music transferring troubles between iOS devices, Android, iTunes, a computer or any external storage device (hard drive, USB, etc). It makes dealing with previously aggravating issues an enjoyable process.

The following user guide steps below will help you transfer the music files from iPod to iTunes.

Step 1Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and connect the iPod to your PC. Below is the main window of this software. You will find all your current music resources in the left-side column, either stored in iTunes, other devices (iPhone, iPod, Android, etc.) and the local library. It provides several methods displayed in the right-side column for transferring current music resources to different locations.

KiwiG PhonTunes, one click transfer music between iOS,PC,Android,iTunes and other devices

Step 2The software will scan the iPod and list the iPod music files. The files are marked to show if they are already in your iTunes library, if they are only on the iPod, or if they have been transferred. Select the desired music files and click "Transfer to iTunes".

Step 3Click Start in the pop-up window and then all selected music files will be added into iTunes library.

KiwiG PhonTunes, one click transfer music between iOS,PC,Android,iTunes and other devices

KiwiGeeker hopes this software can help anyone enjoy their music anywhere & anytime without obstacles.

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