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How to Copy iPhone Music to Android?

author 2014-02-28 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Apple devices for many people are must-have music players. However, with other great smartphone options on the market, some Apple users are making the leap to Android. If you are attracted by android smartphone and decide to move the jump to Android, what you are going to do with your iPhone music resources, potentially locked in your iTunes music library?This tutorial will introduce you a simple and free solution to copy iPhone music to an Android phone.

Once you set up your android device, plug it into your computer. Android devices appear on computers as storage volumes. The basic way of transferring iTunes music is to manually copy music files to a folder on the computer, which can be time consuming and may result in file duplicates. With aid of a music transfer tool for music management and transfer, you can instantly transfer music from iTunes to Android. This process then becomes fairly simple.

KiwiG PhonTunes is a sound option. This free Windows software allows you to directly transfer playlists and music from iTunes to your Android phone barrier-free. It comes with a user-friendly interface and enhanced features. users can easily transfer music files between different devices and libraries (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, iTunes, PC, USB and external disk). Designed to freely transfer music files between different devices and libraries. What's more, KiwiG PhonTunes intelligently identifies the duplicates while connecting the device to iTunes.

Simple steps to copy music from iPhone to Android

Step 1.Install the tool and connect your iPhone and Android devices to the computer. The program will automatically scan recognized devices.

Step 2.Your devices will be listed in the left-hand panel. The windows will show your iPhone music library and you can freely pick some or all your music to transfer.

Transferred iPhone Music to Android

Step 3.Click the "Transfer to devices" option on the top. Select the android device from drop-down list and click Start. A window will notify you when your transfer has successfully completed.

Transferred iPhone Music to Android

You now know how to copy music from an iPhone to an Android device in only three steps! KiwiG PhonTunes easily removes your pains and makes the would-be-challenging process simple and effective.

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