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How to Copy music to iPhone without iTunes?

author 2014-01-30 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

This article aims to help music lovers copy music from a local library or other disk to iPhone without launching iTunes by utilizing KiwiG PhonTunes - the powerful freeware that transfers your beloved music files between multiple channels.

Most iPhone, iPod or iPad users use the iTunes to sync music to their iOS devices. Sure, it's helpful when transferring a lot of songs to the device from iTunes. But when iTunes syncs your iTunes music library to your iPhone, it will overwrite current songs in your iOS devices. This can make it hard to freely manage your songs and playlists between iTunes and your iPhone

Additionally, some users will download music on their iPhone, without having synced the device to iTunes library. Adding that track to iTunes via the phone is another challenge, with a different set of operations (if even at all possible, depending on whether the track is purchased from iTunes or downloaded elsewhere). If you want to handle the two problems with iTunes sync functions… well, simply put, you can't.

Sick of copying music to your iPhone with iTunes? Feeling kind of cornered? You're not alone. KiwiG PhonTunes is a music transfer and management tool and an alternative to iTunes. With KiwiG PhonTunes, it's easy to copy music to an iPhone without iTunes. The article will introduce how to copy music from iTunes or a PC to an iPhone . This software is a great supplementary tool for your iPhone: it can transfer music to your iPhone without iTunes.

Step-by-step: How to copy music to an iPhone with KiwiG PhonTunes:

Step 1.After downloading and installing KiwiG PhonTunes, launch the software to see your full music library across your computer and all recognized devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, external device, etc.).

Step 2.Click iTunes to see your library (it's the first item in the left-hand panel), and select any music files you wish to copy. You can select one, multiple, or all music files.

List the musics on the iTunes

Step 3.Click the Transfer to Device button on the top of the window. You'll get a pop-up window to select the destination. If there are multiple devices connected to the computer, there will be more options. You can remove devices during the process to narrow down your choices, or transfer freely to the other devices, too.

Select music to copy

Step 4.Chose your iPhone from the drop-down list and click Start to copy music to your iPhone. After you complete copying music to iPhone, KiwiG PhonTunes will tell you the transfer was successful. You can check your new iPhone music library by clicking on the iPhone device in the window display or by looking on the iPhone, itself. Happy listening!

Transfer music to iPhone

Step 5.Chose the correct iPhone device in the drop-down list. If there are multiple devices connected to the computer, please ensure to select the correct one or you can disconnect the others before the copy operation.

Select iPhone device to copy music

Step 6.Click Start button to copy music to iPhone. After you complete copying music to iPhone, there will be a prompt window appears, which will tell you the transfer is successful.

Complete the music copy

Four steps to total music freedom. Music management never sounded so good! We hope you enjoy KiwiG PhonTunes, and look forward to offering you more solutions and better features in the future!

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