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How to Copy Music from iPad to Computer?

author 2014-03-24 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

iPads have quickly become a favorite Apple product, with many consumers already enjoying them and many more wishing they could get their fingers on one of their own. Versatile and intuitive, iPads are used for a variety of daily tasks and entertainment. Perhaps the most common entertainment medium is, of course, listening to music.

When connecting an iPad to a computer, the default program for music copying and syncing is iTunes software. Some restrictions are, however, built-in, which may inhibit you from managing your music exactly how you’d like, or moving music between the computer and the iPad. Perhaps the most difficult music transfer is from the iPad to the computer.

When would you need to transfer music from your iPad to a computer? If you downloaded music using some of the music download apps now available for iPads, you perhaps have some songs that your iTunes library doesn’t recognize or won’t transfer to the computer with a normal sync. Also, if your computer breaks and the only copy of your music is on your iPad, you also would need to discover a way to get your music files off of the device to save yourself the time re-copying your CDs and piecing together your lost library.

If you have the time and are fairly computer savvy, you can manually transfer your music from your iPad. In order to do this, you’ll need to download one of the apps that break iPad storage barriers, navigate your computer directory, copy and paste your music files to the computer, drag those files to your iTunes, and re-edit any scrambled or missing song details from the move. It’s pretty labor-intensive, but possible with some effort.

The easiest way to transfer your music from the iPad to a computer, however, is through third party music transfer software. Most of these software solutions offer a free trial, and charge after the trial number of songs has been moved (between 20 and 100 songs depending on the provider). KiwiG PhonTunes, however, allows you to limitlessly transfer your music between mobile devices and your computer, while also enabling you to manage your music library and playlists right in the software.

How to copy music from iPad to computer using KiwiG PhonTunes:

Step 1 Connect your iPad to your computer, and launch KiwiG PhonTunes. When the application opens, you can see all your music libraries and devices on the left, the music details in the middle, and transfer options at the top.

Step 2Click on your iPad in the left-hand column. Make sure you have all your music you wish to transfer selected.

Step 3aTransfer to Local Library: If you want to put your music in a folder on your computer, click Transfer to Computer at the top. You can Browse to decide where you want to put the music, then click Start. Your music transfer will complete in no time!

Step 3bTransfer to iTunes: If you want to put your music in your iTunes library, click Transfer to iTunes at the top. Click Start, and wait a few seconds for you music to copy perfectly into iTunes.

transfer iPad music to iTunes or local library.

We hope with the information above, we have helped the fussy become easy. Here at KiwiGeeker we aim to allow our users to listen to their music anytime and anywhere without barrier.

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