How to Password Protect a Thumb Drive with Ease

Atif Zaheer | Jun 06,2022 5 min read

Why you need to password protect a thumb drive: The Background Introduction

The digital files of your laptop contain sensitive data if you are associated with a high position in a company. Further, few professions require protection of data sharing because professionals share clients' sensitive data, which will bring heavy loss if it leaks at the time of sharing. If you are in such circumstances and need to share confidential files and folders through a USB flash drive, security concerns must be your top priority.

To meet the requirement of password protection of your thumb drive, you should understand how to password protect a thumb drive so that you can maintain the privacy of your clients.

Password protection provides the extra security of the flash drive, and you can share the information with high-end security to prevent unwanted access. While you understand the depth of the issues, let's corner the problem with the help of software and eliminate the chance of data leaks.

The best way to password protect a thumb drive

easeus lockmyfile

The security concern of your flash drive leads you to the best way of protection, and we recommend you EaseUS LockMy File, an advanced tool to protect your USB flash drive. The software understands the worth of your private information and prevents them from unofficial access.

Its advanced algorithm helps you hide the drive's information so that nobody can access them without your permission. Lock, protection, and monitor are all available with EaseUS LockMyFile to provide your thumb drive's high-end security. Lock Lan shared folder and file encryption is another high-level security tool offered to its users.


  • It's an easy to use tool
  • It offers an advanced setting with a program log to view the history of operations
  • Once you protect one USB drive, others are also protected automatically
  • Windows compatible software available with free and Pro, both mode


  • Free download comes with limited features access
  • Not suitable for the beginners

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Price: It starts $29.95/Monthly.

Compatibility: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

If your flash drive contains sensitive data, you'll need to password protect it before mail to your client to prevent unofficial access to the information. Here's how you can provide security with the EaseUS LockMyFile tool.

Ready with your system and try the below simple system methods.

Step 1: Install EaseUS LockMyFile in your system with a valid e-mail and license code

easeus lockmyfile file encryption option

Step 2: Open More Tools and click on File Encryption -> Tap on Add files or add folders

choose file

Step 3: First, you choose all the files and folders you want to encrypt, then click Open

select encryption mode

Step 4: Pick the encryption mode that suits you best: Encrypt to gfl Or Encrypt to exe

save encrypted file

Step 5: Select a safe location on your computer, rename the encrypted file or folder, and tap Save to preserve the encrypted files and folders.

Thus, you can protect the USB flash drive before sharing it with anyone.

Password protect a thumb drive via WINRAR

Winrar is a familiar name among windows, Mac, and Linux operating system users. Its prime feature is to encrypt and protect the USB flash drive that contains important data. The software also enables the compress files option of the USB flash drive so that the files cover low storage space and you can encrypt them in a better way. Winrar has the .rar extension that helps in encryption.

Let's know how to password protect a thumb drive with Winrar.

Step 1: Install Winrar from its official website on your computer

Step 2: Plug the USB flash drive and select the files and folders you want to secure. Create a single folder and put all the files and encrypt it

add to archive

Step 3: After creating the encrypted folder, right-click it and choose 'Add to Archive'

archive name and parameters

Once the add to archive process is done, a pop-up window will appear to rename the encrypted folder. Next, choose RAR as the archive format, and click on the Set Password. A Window will appear, and you need to put your desired format in the textbox -> re-enter the password in the verification box -> Click Encrypt file names, -> tap Ok.

Whenever you want to access those files on the USB, you need to enter the password to open them.

Password protect a thumb drive via BitLocker

BitLocker, a Microsoft Windows program, can encrypt the flash drive with password protection. If you're a user of Windows 11, 10 Pro, Enterprise, 8.1, 8.1 Enterprise, and Windows Vista, you can avail the BitLocker facility to encrypt the USB flash drive and secure your confidential information. The program enables protect-shield security that is hard to crack and can only access after entering the password. As Microsoft's built-in feature, Windows users can use it to protect files and folders separately.

Let's understand its function to protect your USB drives safely.

How to protect the thumb drive using BitLocker?

Step 1: Check the settings of your system and locate BitLocker, Or you can search BitLocker in the Windows search bar

Step 2: Plug the thumb drive

turn on bitlocker

Step 3: Click Turn on BitLocker once you locate plugged in a thumb drive

Step 4: Once BitLocker turns on, activate the password in the textbox and choose Use Password to unlock the Drive.

You need to re-enter the password for the verification.

activate the password

Step 5: After the verification, your thumb drive is encrypted with a password.

BitLocker allows you to encrypt the entire drive or only the used disk space. After password protection, you need to enter the password to access your thumb drive every time.


When your thumb drive carries valuable data and information, you'll need to protect them with password encryption. We hope that all these methods will serve the purpose, and now you know how to password protect a thumb drive to safeguard confidential information. Winrar and BitLocker come with a time-consuming process, while EaseUS LockMyFile consumes less time and provides the best security results and many other aspects that cover the tool and offer you overall encryption functionality to protect you from unwanted prying.

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Price: It starts $29.95/Monthly.

Compatibility: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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