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How to Download Free Music for iPad?

author 2014-06-25 posted by Hans Ling in London

The iPad has made it easier than ever to get in all your work and your play wherever you go. Considered by many to be one of the best mobile devices, it’s quickly replacing the laptop for everyday use by countless people across the globe. Along with this extreme mobility and functionality comes a need for—preferably free—media content, including applications, e-books, and especially music. If you’re looking for a way to download free music to put on your iPad, you’ve found the right article!

Apple recently removed all free music download applications from the iTunes store. Although there are ways to work around this unfortunate dearth in iPad-specific applications, you may want to consider a more straightforward solution first. KiwiG PhonTunes is a PC software application that not only enables you to migrate music freely between any device or PC and your iPad, but also has a brand new feature allowing you to download free music.

PhonTunes is backed by years of data storage and management experience, making difficult jobs easy by taking out the need for technical know-how and turning you into a straight-up geek without needing to spend hours toiling over challenging data operations. This particular software solution makes you the master of your music environment. Download free music and move it onto your iPad in 7 easy steps:

Step 1.Open KiwiG PhonTunes and plug in your iPad to your PC’s USB port. The left-hand panel lists all your music directories on the PC (iTunes with all its playlists, and Local library). At the top of that panel, there is a button for FreeMusic. Click it to enter the FreeMusic zone.

Step 2.Search for the song or artist you’d like to download, and click Batch Download at the top-right of the FreeMusic zone.

Step 3.Once the songs window has popped up, browse through the results and select any you want to download. Click Download.

Step 4.The download will begin right away, and can be managed in the Download Manager at the lower left, right underneath the list of all your music libraries. To move the music into your iPad, first you have to add the downloaded songs to either iTunes or your Local library. In the Download Manager, click the Downloaded button to see all the songs that have already been downloaded. Select them all, and click either To iTunes or Add Music to transfer these tracks onto your PC.

Step 5.In the list of libraries, click on iTunes or Local Library to find the newly added songs.

Step 6.Select all the songs you want to move over to your iPad. Make sure the iPad is the open device on the right-hand side.

Step 7.When you’re sure your iPad is the music library displayed on the right, you’re ready to transfer your songs. Click the To Device arrow between the iTunes/Local library and your iPad library display. In the window that appears, click Start. Your transfer will complete in a few minutes!

Enjoy the free and limitless functionality of KiwiG PhonTunes on your PC today for all your music devices. Also, don’t forget to check out their FIFA World Cup theme song picks, in anticipation of the championship!

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