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How to Transfer iTunes Playlist to Android?

author 2014-06-11 updated by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

For the majority iPhone/iOS users, iTunes is the only way to access their music library. So, when you start to use an Android device, it can be a major challenge to access songs and playlists in your iTunes. How on earth can you transfer your iTunes playlists to Android phone? Thankfully, transferring iTunes playlists to android is no longer a hassle. With some help from free online tools, the process is fairly pain-free.

How is transferring iTunes playlists to Android different?

Unlike Apple products (iPhone, iPod and iPad), which are recognized directly by iTunes as soon as they are connected, Android phones are displayed on computers as storage devices (like a USB or external hard drive). When you connect your Android to your computer with a USB cable, you can use a music transfer tool to access iTunes and all your files, even those blocked by default to Android. A great option is KiwiG PhonTunes. It can easily transfer iTunes music and playlists to a different platform with no barriers. It supports copying of whole playlists, individual songs, and full libraries. Better still, it's totally free.

Steps: How to transfer iTunes playlists to Android?

Step 1Prepare Android phone and computer and plug in Android phone with USB cable.

The newest Android phone such as the Galaxy S III uses a connection method called MTP connection. If you pull down the notifications tray and see this then you are already connected. All the iTunes playlists will be cleanly organized in the display window.

Step 2Run KiwiG PhonTunes

When opened, the tool will automatically search the devices and display it in the window.

transfer iTunes playlist to android

Step 3Select the desired music and transfer to your Android device.

After selecting the songs you want to move over, click the Android device icon on the right and click To Device.

transferred iTunes playlist to android

It's simple and painless, right? Now, you can easily share your beloved iTunes music playlists and songs to your Android phone anytime.You may also want to see how to transfer Android music back to iTunes and Android music Transfer Wiki.

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